Gourmet Jakarta is an annual guide to Jakarta’s Top Restaurants and as well as After-Hours, Wine Guide and fine F&B Products. We have been publishing the Gourmet Jakarta series for several years now. Everyone is now eager to try out the latest restaurant and head to emerging lounges and bars to drink and be merry or simply chill out.

In every edition we have different cuisine section such as: Indonesian, Asian (Japan, Chinese, Thailand, etc), European (French, Italian, etc), International, After Hours, Chef Profile and Wine Guide. This guide provides important tips on where to go for fine dining, followed a few beats later, by chilling out at a cozy lounge or clubs. If you have not been keeping up with Indonesian fine dining restaurants, you are likely to have been left in the dark over the past few years, as the selection and variety continue to grow. If you have not checked out the wine shops recently, we recommend you do so to source some incredible wines without having to travel to wine-producing countries.