INDESIGN Indonesia is an Indonesian magazine specialized on architecture, interior, and product design licensed from Australia and published quarterly under MPG Media. With comprehensive and expansive view on the best commercial, hospitality, retail, residential, and public architectural projects throughout Indonesia and around the world, INDESIGN Indonesia is reporting the dynamic development of Indonesia at its core. This has set the brand to be one of the leading magazines in Indonesia, which inspire the reader and feed them with updates and data that no other magazines are committed to give.

In Australia INDESIGN magazine is a boosting power to the rapid growth of the development of the country. This is also applied to INDESIGN Indonesia who are giving a full appreciation to the ideas and creativity that grows in the industry. Not just a tribute to the senior architects or designer, with INDESIGN Luminary, but also the young and upcoming names are able to showcase their works. This is why INDESIGN Indonesia is not only a magazine to keep up with updates of the new buildings of new products, but we are also becoming a reference for designers, architects, and students who need deeper information about the projects.

The business to business nature of the magazine is cater not only for professionals and corporate who are involve in the industry, but also for the common readers who have interest on the design in particular. With dissection data, the technical data of the projects and the contacts of the people’s involved are available for the readers. This is our commitment to connect the material producers with their future consumers. The products will also get a better exposure with the real application to the buildings. Our appreciation are also dedicated to all expert involved in the projects by mentioning their names.

Other than the projects, buildings, and products, we also dedicate three sections for lightings in ‘fuse’, design issues in ‘zone’ and sustainability issues in ‘sustain’. In an era where we should start to care about our earth, ‘green’ should be a lifestyle. That is the reason why we always try to give a high appreciation to those who try and achieve the state of sustainable. Those are some uniqueness that you can only find in our magazine. INDESIGN Indonesia is the perfect choice to understand the growth of architecture and design industry of Indonesia.